Released June 10 by Free Gaza (via) Yediot Aharanot. June 11, 2010.

**Thermal imaging of an IDF boat riding alongside the Mavi Marmara

**Video from activists on-board; shown on CNN Turkey and Israel's Channel 2

Video from Israeli Navy boats riding alongside the Mavi Marmara

IDF thermal imaging from above

Video taken from Mavi Marmara

**From security cameras on Mavi Marmara--in preparation for IDF's arrival


In U.S. media
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From the Israeli soldiers

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See also page on analysis of Erdogan and AKP's reorientation of Turkish regime, and what it means for region, US, and Israel.

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Other footage from on-board the Mavi Marmara earlier in its trip
"I wanted to be a shahid" (Released by IDF June 3, 2010)

Pre-trip TV coverage of flotillistas from Al-Jazeera

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Coverage as seen on Israeli television
Channel 2 Mako (with help of Google translate)

Political Cartoons
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